Advanced fleet telematics & RFID assets management

Our intelligent AVL system is a complete and easy-to-use solution created especially for emergency vehicle services. We have worked with you to help improve your day-to-day decision making while also helping you save resources. This is how PRAN DiaLog™, a one-of-a-kind solution has become a reference in North America.

Reduce response time

Increase fleet management

Save money

Live tracking

Using GPS and GSM devices linked to the CAN bus multiplexed system, it is possible to transfer key live data. You can monitor over 50 parameters every second!

Trip history reports

Visualize the vehicle’s every move from the comfort of your computer or tablet. Whether in real time or using the playback feature, it is as if you were in the cab!

Fuel consumption

Track and understand your fuel usage. By generating consumption averages running or idling, for one or more vehicles, identify overconsumption, fuel theft and view refueling time and quantity, in real time!

Vehicle/driver behaviour

Analyze, train, educate. No need to wait any longer, DiaLog™ is the best tool to help you in your day to day. Adopt it and it will become an indispensable member of your team!

Basic maintenance system

Never miss maintenance tasks. Automatize the planning processes and get all the facts. Based on real information, you will not have to worry about the maintenance of your fleet!

Driver identification

Identify the driver in real time with our reader, compatible with most secure RF access cards. This optional system allows to identify the driver on a given segment and protects your employees during their intervention period.


Whether you need to define geographic barriers or automatically generate alerts when the vehicles exit the delimited zone or enter a forbidden one, your managers can access geofence reports with historics on vehicles and given geofence. In tandem with the BMS application, alerts can be sent to the manager via email or SMS to improve employee management and ambulance operations.

Tracking & equipment management

Our asset management solution was entirely developed by PRAN. Using the RFID technology, the system includes a receiver and a set of transmitters. It is the perfect solution to follow the exact location of your equipment. With a quick glance at the screen, stop losing or forgetting your assets. Can view up to 12 tags at a time, this solution is delivered preconfigured, but the detection is adjustable.

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